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Loco victory will see proper update to master rosters

Apr 12, 2011News

The Loco Division recently entered into a dispute with RailCorp over a proposal to add additional work into driver diagrams, which would breach the 2010 EA, the Drivers Rostering and Working Arrangements [DR&WA] and the Transfer & Roster Placement Policy [T&RPP]

During the recent process of amending Drivers Diagrams, additional Diagram work was created at several depots that RailCorp refused to incorporate onto the Depots Master Rosters.

They were of the opinion that this additional work could be distributed throughout the “relief line rosters” and not placed onto the Master Roster.

The Loco Division has successfully argued that RailCorp’s proposal was disadvantageous to its membership as it prohibited drivers from progressing to a permanent position on the Master Roster, limited drivers from duly claiming “lift up/lay back” allowances and restricted fair distribution of overtime.

The 2010 EA is quite specific as to how rosters must be compiled, as is the DR&WA and the T&RPP clearly outlines the rights of drivers to progress to the Master Roster.

The successful outcome to this dispute now requires RailCorp to allocate all known work to the Master Roster. This means a complete re-drafting of the affected Depots Master Rosters. RailCorp have now conceded this and have released Rostering Committee representatives to consult over the required Master Roster changes.

The Loco Division is indebted to the Delegates involved for seeing this dispute through to its successful outcome.