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Your RailCorp EA questions answered

Jul 16, 2013News

With the RailCorp EA just around the corner, a series of sessions to discuss the EA have been held during recent committee meetings.   Read More »

New Sydney and NSW Trains management

Jul 2, 2013News

The new business groups of RailCorp – NSW and Sydney Trains – have commenced operations as of July 1, 2013. Read More »

Transfer policy upheld

Jul 1, 2013News

RailCorp has agreed to advertise a vacant driver trainer’s position, after the Loco Division disputed the company’s attempted direct appointment.  Read More »

RailCorp fails on route knowledge

Jul 1, 2013News

Reports of RailCorp drivers being pressured into driving trains on routes they’re not qualified for have raised serious safety concerns recently. Read More »

Excess travel time dispute finally settled

Jun 27, 2013News

After a long running dispute, agreement has finally been reached on the excess travel/travelling time issue in RailCorp. Read More »

RailCorp train crew uniform proves unpopular

Jun 21, 2013News

RailCorp recently advised it will be introducing a new Train Crew uniform, which has caused great concern among the membership.  Read More »

Hornsby public holiday dispute

Jun 21, 2013News

On the recent Queens Birthday long weekend the Loco Division was made aware of a breach of the drivers rostering and working arrangements. Read More »

Fatigue management within RailCorp

Jun 17, 2013News

Fatigue management and its application is a major concern for all Loco drivers. Read More »

Union victory for NSW/Sydney Trains agreement

Jun 6, 2013News

The RTBU and combined rail unions have successfully ensured all rail workers transferring into the new NSW and Sydney Train entities on 1 July 2013 will continue to be covered by the current RailCorp Agreement. Read More »

Proposed removal of detonators from RailCorp Network

May 25, 2013News

RailCorp have recently proposed to remove detonators from all electric rolling stock following over 80 instances of crew cabs being broken into detonators being stolen. One recent incident resulted in a young man losing his […] Read More »

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