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Excess travel time dispute finally settled

Jun 27, 2013News

After a long running dispute, agreement has finally been reached on the excess travel/travelling time issue in RailCorp.

For about 18 months, RailCorp has been seeking to apply ‘Excess Travel Time’ when drivers perform foreign depot shifts, instead of the long-standing practice of ‘travelling time’ as per the 2010 enterprise agreement.

The Loco Division has argued that drivers should be entitled to claim travelling time if they actually sign on and off at their home depot when doing shifts at foreign depots.

After numerous conferences in the Fair Work Commission both the Loco Division and the company have agreed to alter a clause in the Drivers Rostering and Working Arrangements agreement, which provides a compromise that improves safety and allowances for members.

You can see further detail on the changes here.

The move has been endorsed by both the Suburban and Intercity Drivers Committee and the Loco Division believes it provides a good outcome for members.

All members are encouraged to brief themselves on the changes and contact their local delegate for further information.