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RTBU tour highlights problems facing regional workers

Jun 16, 2011Update

As the freight industry continues to expand, and the reactivation of country depots becomes increasingly important, I was pleased to have the chance to take a four-day regional NSW tour to meet with members and […] Read More »

Air quality and safety concerns at Weston Milling

Apr 15, 2011News

RTBU members have raised their concern about safety procedures and poor air quality at the unloading site within Weston Milling at Enfield. A number of representatives from Weston Milling, both RTBU members and officials with Pacific […] Read More »

Major improvements at Glenlee

Apr 1, 2011Update

Health and safety conditions at QR Interail’s Glenlee rail siding have improved dramatically following action by the  Loco Division. Loco Division representatives Keith McMahon and Kevin Pryor first inspected the site three months ago, noting […] Read More »

Freight members working in open weather

Mar 18, 2011News

A request was made from members concerning the exposure to the open weather and conditions when working for long periods of time without the provision of proper shelter, basic needs such as cold water specifically […] Read More »

Model Work Health and Safety Regulations

Mar 18, 2011News

The draft model Work Health and Safety Regulations, priority codes of practice and an issues paper were released by Safe Work Australia for public comment in December last year. Unions NSW is currently formalising comment […] Read More »

Safety yards and terminals for freight operators

Mar 18, 2011News

Hazardous conditions in freight yards and terminals are an on-going issue. In the near future RTBU representatives including OHS Coordinator Keith McMahon will be identifying and inspecting yards and terminals across NSW. Next up is […] Read More »

Moving to Automatic Train Protection

Feb 24, 2011Update

‘Automatic Train Protection’ is now a little closer to being applied to the RailCorp network. It is in line with our OH&S Committees’ previous stand as to the provision of ‘ATP’ safety equipment and in […] Read More »

Safety concerns at Clyde Fuelling Point

Feb 24, 2011Update

A request was made from members to have an OH&S inspection carried out on the Clyde Fuelling Point. The inspection was carried out with the RTBU Freight Organiser Kevin Pryor and RTBU OH&S Coordinator Keith […] Read More »

RailCorp Station staff cuts lead to pressure on drivers

Feb 24, 2011Update

RailCorp have decided they now want Drivers to assist the Guard with the “right away” procedure at certain curved platform locations. This will require the driver to leave his/her seat and watch the appropriate side […] Read More »

OHS at Interail Yennora

Feb 24, 2011Update

Negotiations are continuing on a number of OH&S issues raised by drivers at Glen Lee. The main issues are lack of radio communication from one end of the yard to the other, poor lighting, uneven […] Read More »

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