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Safety concerns at Clyde Fuelling Point

Feb 24, 2011Update

A request was made from members to have an OH&S inspection carried out on the Clyde Fuelling Point. The inspection was carried out with the RTBU Freight Organiser Kevin Pryor and RTBU OH&S Coordinator Keith McMahon from Locomotive Division NSW and Pacific National in January.

Some of the outstanding issues were trip hazards, possible head injuries, exhausting of fumes, hot water, oil draining, general housekeeping, sanding houses, missing hand rails and availability of water for filling water bottles.

Although most of the above items have been rectified there are still outstanding issues.

The procedures for entering or exiting 9rd from the fuelling facility have not been drawn up nor has some sort of instruction board been provided and until this is completed the stop block shall remain and no access from 9rd is allowed. The exhaust fans are awaiting approval and installation and should be rectified soon.