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Air quality and safety concerns at Weston Milling

Apr 15, 2011News

RTBU members have raised their concern about safety procedures and poor air quality at the unloading site within Weston Milling at Enfield.

Dusty, narrow and dark walkways at Weston Milling

A number of representatives from Weston Milling, both RTBU members and officials with Pacific National Bulk, were in attendance at an onsite dynamic risk assessment on Monday 11 April.

This assessment process raised some significant health & safety concerns as well as some procedural lapses. These included concerns that:

• the lighting and walkways throughout the shunting process are lacking;

• the presence of dust within the area of unloading operations is substantial; and

More narrow walkways for workers

• general housekeeping procedures are inadequate.

Following from the meeting, management will work on implementing general procedures, including further inspections, and will meet with members to discuss improvements to lighting and narrow walkways.

Concern still remains regarding air quality and the RTBU Loco Division will meet with Workcover representatives to discuss the best way to address this and other issues.

Members will be kept up to date as the issues progress.