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RailCorp Station staff cuts lead to pressure on drivers

Feb 24, 2011Update

RailCorp have decided they now want Drivers to assist the Guard with the “right away” procedure at certain curved platform locations.

This will require the driver to leave his/her seat and watch the appropriate side of the train at these locations and inform the guard that there are no obstructions and it’s ok to close the doors.

Additionally, they propose that drivers assist with the “over carry” checks when terminating trains and advise the guard if anyone gets onto the terminated train.

This is obviously a direct result of station reform and the removal of station staff from many locations.

The Loco division is vehemently opposed to these proposals on safety grounds, as they will potentially expose drivers to unnecessary and unwarranted risk, as well as increased workload, and has communicated that stance to RailCorp.

A risk assessment into both proposals has now been conducted with the Loco Division and OH&S participating.