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Have Australia’s right to strike laws gone too far?

Mar 22, 2017News

The ABC’s Stephen Long writes that the restrictions Australia has placed on the right to strike place us at odds with international conventions — and the International Labour Organisation has regularly warned our government that […] Read More »

Angry about cuts to Penalty rates? Here’s what you can do

Mar 22, 2017News

Cuts to Sunday and public holiday penalty rates will hurt hundreds of thousands of workers across the country – and while it might not affect our industry directly, workers in hospitality, retail, fast food and pharmacy […] Read More »

Join a union now! A message from Fiona the Underemployed Bettong

Mar 22, 2017News

First Dog on the Moon’s latest cartoon has a serious message: join a union. Check it out via the link: Death by 1,000 penalty rate cuts, starring Fiona the Underemployed Bettong Read More »

PN intermodal drivers EBA update

Mar 21, 2017News

Negotiations with PN management on your Log of Claims is moving at a snail’s pace with little or no progress at all. Management is providing resistance at every step of the way. At every stage […] Read More »

Constance admits it: the NSW government wants to totally privatise public transport

Mar 21, 2017News

We’ve long accused the NSW Government of a hidden privatisation agenda – and now Transport and Infrastructure Minister Andrew Constance has openly admitted that he wants to see our trains and buses totally privatised. Mr […] Read More »

One hell of a set of catch points…

Mar 21, 2017News

Check out the catch points on this monorail in Japan! Read More »

Airport staff can’t afford to go home between shifts

Mar 21, 2017News

Workers at Sydney airport have been setting up camp and sleeping under the terminal because it’s not worth their while – either time wise or financially – to return home before their next shift starts. […] Read More »

PN NSW Bulk EA: Fake Negotiations

Mar 18, 2017News

Your negotiation team met with PN management again on Wednesday 15 and Thursday 16 March. We had anticipated the actual negotiations would start this round of meetings after both sides had put their Part A […] Read More »

71 people faced with uncertainty as Newcastle train call centre closes

Mar 18, 2017News

— Media Release — The Rail Tram and Bus Union of NSW is condemning the decision of the NSW Liberal Government for the closure of Newcastle based NSW Trains call centre where 71 people are […] Read More »

Secretary’s wrap

It’s great to see Blue Mountains MP Trish Doyle continuing to stand up for rail and advocating for passenger safety. Last week she called for the NIF contract with South Korean consortium Hyundai Rotem to […] Read More »