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Vote nearly closing!

Sep 21, 2017PN Updates

To all PN bulk and coal members, Don’t delay – the deadline for voting in the PN Protected Action Ballot is rapidly approaching! We need at least 50% of members to vote and vote yes […] Read More »

PN Bulk & Coal: Have you voted yet?

To PN Bulk & Coal members, With the Protected Action Ballot votes being accepted until 10am, Thursday 28th of September, we need to remind our comrades to check their mailbox and send back their ballot […] Read More »

PN Bulk & Coal: How to vote YES for the postal Protected Action Ballot

Sep 4, 2017News PN Updates

Winning this ballot means that workers can undertake the necessary actions to protect our conditions and our rights without risking our jobs. This is extremely important and why we need everyone’s vote. Voting for the […] Read More »

PN: Home Safely at Werris Creek?

Sep 3, 2017News PN Updates

After months of hearing and seeing nothing from PN management regarding employee concerns for health and safety at the Werris Creek Barracks, your HSR’s requested assistance from the RTBU Locomotive Division in resolving concerns. As […] Read More »

PN Bulk & Coal: Voting opens today!

Sep 1, 2017News PN Updates

To all PN bulk, coal and PN Vic NSW members, Voting towards your Protected Action Ballot opens today! Keep an eye out for ballot papers which will be arriving in the mail from today. The […] Read More »

PN Bulk & Coal: Update your details so you can vote!

Aug 29, 2017News PN Updates

To all Pacific National Bulk and Coal members, Protected Action Ballot voting will open on 1 September 2017 and as you know, there’s a lot at stake. The Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) will request a […] Read More »