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PN Wage Offer

Sep 19, 2022PN Updates

It is disappointing that since we issued our Newsletter last Friday, Pacific National have sent out
correspondence indicating that their pay offer is approximately: 4% for 2023, 4% for 2024, 4% for 2025 and 4% for 2026.

This is not what was presented to your delegates at the bargaining meetings last week. Unless Pacific National has since changed their position, the statement is clearly misleading and appears to be a deliberate attempt to make their proposal appear more appealing.

PN asserts that the addition of the Aggregate Allowance to your base rate equates to a pay rise of 2%. However, under PN’s proposal, this occurs in 2024. Therefore, it is incorrect to say that pay rises for 2025 and 2026 also equate to 4%. The pay rises for these years would only amount to 2% under PN’s proposal.

We have written to PN today asking them to explain their actions. If you have any questions about PN’s proposal, please ask your local delegate.

We will again circulate separately Pacific National’s offer and our RTBU wage claim where you can compare exactly what is on the table, noting PN’s offer is dependent on lifting industrial action.

Considering Pacific National’s conduct, it is again understandable as to why members have voted for protected action and why feedback from members is for escalation of PIA, not removing it.

We will be in touch once we hear from Pacific National.

Download the Newsflash here