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Canada bans one-man crews

Jul 26, 2013News

One-man crews have been banned from trains with dangerous good in Canada following the recent derailment in Quebec which killed 47 people. Read More »

Explosive impact on safety

Jul 25, 2013News

RailCorp recently made a decision to remove Rail Safety Signals otherwise known as ‘detonators’ from their network. In eliminating this safety precaution, workers’ safety is reliant on the notoriously troubled train radio system. Read More »

RailCorp fails on route knowledge

Jul 1, 2013News

Reports of RailCorp drivers being pressured into driving trains on routes they’re not qualified for have raised serious safety concerns recently. Read More »

Better safety for Granville workers and commuters

Apr 10, 2013News

The RTBU is calling on all members to get behind a push for better safety at Granville station’s train and bus interchange. Read More »

Train crew to go mobile

Mar 14, 2013News

RailCorp recently held a meeting to discuss introducing tablets (Electronic device) for use by the train crew. Read More »

Waterfall – we remember 10 years on

Jan 31, 2013News

Today marks the 10th anniversary of the Waterfall train disaster – a tragedy that rocked the whole of the train industry and well as the community at large. Read More »

12 hour train driver shifts maintained in NSW

May 18, 2012News

NSW has retained its 12 hour shift limits for train drivers – a victory for drivers who stood up for workplace safety and common sense. Today’s meeting of state transport ministers rejected the National Transport […] Read More »

Deadly consequences of taking train drivers’ sleep

May 18, 2012News

By Bob Nanva Despite incredible advances in medical knowledge over the past century, our need to sleep largely remains a mystery. What we do know for certain, however, is that without it people die. A […] Read More »

Crossing collisions decline but better education is crucial

Apr 20, 2012Uncategorized

The recent launch of the rail industry initiative TrackSAFE which aims to reduce level crossing, trespass and suicide incidents on the rail network is a timely reminder that more needs to be done at a […] Read More »

RTBU members speak out on flawed national safety laws

Mar 10, 2012News

RTBU Loco Division delegates and members attended formal consultations over proposed new national rail safety laws that threaten the safety and work-life balance of train drivers. About 30 RTBU members and delegates expressed their concerns […] Read More »