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Calls for national roll-out of level crossing safety devices

Oct 1, 2013National

New technology aimed at improving safety at level crossings should be rolled out across the country, the RTBU says.

The call comes after an announcement that a new safety system is being used in Queensland as part of a $2million trial aimed at making level crossings safer. The RTBU has been campaigning heavily for the introduction of the system for some time, saying its introduction will help protect the lives of traincrew and other rail workers as well as the travelling public.

The radio break-in system, works by breaking into the radio system of vehicles and warning the driver of an approaching train.

The technology has previously been trialled in Victoria with great success and while the RTBU believes this is not a silver bullet, it is hopeful other states will  move to introduce  a cost effective system that will improve safety on the country’s crossings.

The first two sites on trial to be switched on in Queensland are Calcium and Broughton, between Townsville and Charters Towers

Last year there were 351 reported near misses on the Queensland Rail network.