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Opal Card Not Working???

Members are advised that it would seem current employee issued  OPAL card may have been de-activated prior to the new OPAL card (as advised by TfNSW) being received and activated for use. 

Members who find their employee OPAL card not working should  display/show their OPAL card at the staffed entry gate and politely  explain the situation to station staff.  

Management is yet to respond to an initial request for more  information on the process to be followed, although TfNSW have  recently put out communication outlining the issues without providing  any guidance for employees. 

Members will be fully supported if there are any issues in the  operational sense or in signing on/off due to the gates not being able  to be opened and are reminded that gates are covered by CCTV. 

Members should contact their local delegate or Head Office for  further information or to advise of any issues or action taken by  management as a result of the above. 

If you have changed your address and/or work location please contact the RTBU Head Office now!

Download a copy of the Footplate here.