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Aurizon EA Update No.1 – Aurizon EA Negotiations Begin

Jul 23, 2021Aurizon Update

Negotiations began on Wednesday 21 & Thursday 22 July 2021 for a replacement Enterprise  Agreement to the Aurizon NSW Coal Operations Enterprise Agreement that expires on 10  November 2021. 

Your Negotiating Committee met with the Aurizon Negotiating Team to discuss the general format  for the negotiations including the expectations, objectives, and principles to be used during  negotiations. We advised the Company that we are committed to protecting all current conditions  of employment, making improvements to members work/life balance and ensure the business  continues to be viable to provide ongoing job security.  

These first 2 days were about discussing each party’s log of claims and understanding where the  major issues were situated. We received a presentation from Shift Work solutions on their hours  of work and roster review process and outcomes, along with the matrix and feedback from  employees in determining which rosters were supported. This generated a great deal of  discussion with additional time provided on the 2nd day to ask questions, get an understanding of  the process and for your committee to be provided with a draft copy of the roster for review. 

Aurizon advised that they really didn’t have a log of claims to table as Sam McSkimming had  conveyed to all at the last Town Hall meeting, they were looking to a roll over agreement with  some minimal changes if needed to allow any roster to comply with the Enterprise Agreement.  The Company has proposed a 2.5% pay increase in the first year and 2% for each year thereafter 

for a 4-year agreement for a total of 8.5% over the 4 years. Your Locomotive Division Negotiating team delivered a comprehensive Log of Claims (See list below) as developed and endorsed by  members outlining points to be discussed & negotiated. We advised the Company that we would  consider our pay claim once Your issues had been discussed and that any final wage outcome  would need to be endorsed by members. 

We advised the Company that whilst the log of claims is comprehensive, we “without prejudice”  retain the right to raise additional items/clauses that are not on the list as negotiations progress  up until in-principal agreement has been reached. 

Download a copy of the Newsflash and see your log of claims as presented to the company here.