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Aurizon and PN continue to fight ACCC in court

Member employers Aurizon and Pacific National are getting ready to argue with the ACCC on its blocking of the $205 million sale of Aurizon’s Acacia Ridge freight rail hub.

The ACCC is appealing a decision made by the court to allow the sale to Pacific National, saying that this will create a rail freight services monopoly on the east coast. This will dissuade companies from entering the rail freight market and allow both Aurizon and Pacific National to discriminate against remaining competitors.

Members may remember Aurizon from the QLD branch’s battles with the employer over member working conditions and from NSW Aurizon members’ ongoing disputes regarding a number of matters including workplace surveillance. It appears the employer continues to look out for its business interests rather than its employees.

Please click here to read the full article from the AFR.

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