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Rail network will be compromised if rail staff can’t find a car park

Mar 2, 2014News

Taking 1000 car spots away from key transport workers at train stations could effect the on time running of the rail network, the NSW Rail, Tram and Bus Union said today. Read More »

Report shows Barry has bungled Workers’ Comp

Feb 12, 2014News

The O’Farrell Government’s changes to the Workers’ Compensation scheme have stripped workers and their families of vital protections, a report released by Macquarie University has found. Read More »

Unions NSW wins High Court challenge

Dec 20, 2013News

Unions NSW has won its challenge against the NSW Government’s electoral donations law, which it said hindered freedom of political communication. Read More »

Super win for NSW public sector workers

Dec 17, 2013News

The Industrial Relations Commission has ruled that the NSW Government will not be able to include superannuation rises in its public sector wage cap. Read More »

Rail Entities Log of claims

Nov 28, 2013News

A resolution will be put to Rail Entities members for endorsement at upcoming mass meetings. Read More »

Early Rail Entities discussions held

Oct 23, 2013News

Preliminary discussions on the 2014 Rail Entities enterprise agreement were held today. Read More »

Rail entities negotiations kick off

Oct 8, 2013News

Negotiations with the government over the new Rail Entities enterprise agreement kicked off today with a meeting between the Minister for Transport and representatives of the Combined Rail Unions. Read More »

Female rail workers lodge sex discrimination claim

Sep 30, 2013News

Female rail workers in NSW have lodged a sexual discrimination case against the NSW Government over the out-dated, invasive and discriminatory practice of forced urine based testing. Read More »

Secret document dispute Minister’s single-deck claims

Sep 23, 2013News

The NSW Government’s claims that running single-deck trains through Sydney would allow more people to travel on the trains, has been disputed by a secret internal report. Read More »

S Set here to stay

Jul 16, 2013News

The government has refused to retire S Sets trains, despite commuter complaints about the lack of air-conditioning on the trains. Read More »