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Rail network will be compromised if rail staff can’t find a car park

Mar 2, 2014News

Taking 1000 car spots away from key transport workers at train stations could effect the on time running of the rail network, the NSW Rail, Tram and Bus Union said today.

RTBU State Secretary Alex Claassens said train drivers and guards needed to be assured they can get to work on time to keep the network running and ensure commuters also get to work on time.

“We can’t have critical transport workers spending a half hour driving around looking for a car park when they need to be operating the next train,” Mr Claassens said.

“These workers have a vital role to play to ensure the network keeps to time and everyone can get to work, school and other appointments.

“We support commuters having a many car parking places as possible but they can’t be at the expense of critical rail workers and safety staff.

“If on time running is a priority for the NSW Government then providing car parking to their workers must also be a priority.“

Mr Claassens said it was disingenuous for the Transport Minister to use the excuse that the car parks were being used by staff who had left the organisation.

“One or two isolated instances as a result of poor management at RailCorp doesn’t give the Transport Minister an excuse to take more than 1000 spaces away from key transport workers.

“We will continue to fight the Government on this issue for the benefit of the travelling public.”