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Privatisation rears its head again for second time this year

Apr 22, 2016News

In what is becoming a much more frequent, the State Liberal Government is again being forced to defend itself against rumours they want to privatise NSW buses and trains. A Freedom of Information request has […] Read More »

Newcastle rail rally today, 1pm

Sep 15, 2015News

The battle to protect the Newcastle Rail line is continuing, with the NSW Government introducing legislation into parliament that would allow it to continue its plans to rip up the line. Read More »

Government must fix the Hawkesbury River bridge

Sep 15, 2015Uncategorized

Reports that the rail bridge connecting Sydney to the Central Coast needs urgent repairs have shocked train crew and drivers. Read More »

Premier pushing ahead with ridiculous driverless plans 

Jul 2, 2015News

The Premier has confirmed he is pressing ahead with plans to build the Sydney Metro City tunnel, although it is not expected to open until 2024.  Read More »

NSW gets new Transport Minister

Apr 1, 2015Uncategorized

Former Treasurer, Andrew Constance, has been announced as the state’s new Minister for Transport and Infrastructure. Read More »

Baird/Grant announce new XPT fleet

Mar 15, 2015News

With the election promises flowing thick and fast, Liberal Party leader Mike Baird and National leader Troy Grant promised a new $1billion XPT fleet if re-elected. Read More »

No more Christmas cheer on train stations

Dec 10, 2014News

Our busiest train stations will this year go without the traditional Christmas decorations which bring colour to the platforms once a year.  Read More »

What’s the rush? Nile joins calls for Newcastle line delay

Oct 3, 2014News

The chair of the committee looking into the government’s handling of the Newcastle rail line decision has added his voice to the call for the plans to be delayed. Read More »

Safety at risk as govt conducts snap review

Jul 21, 2014News

The Federal and State LNP governments have announced a snap review into Work Health and safety laws. Read More »

Newcastle commuters to be stranded from Boxing Day

Jul 3, 2014News

The Baird Government has announced that trains will stop running into the Newcastle CBD on Boxing Day – a move the Loco Division says put developer interests ahead of those of commuters. Read More »