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Premier pushing ahead with ridiculous driverless plans 

Jul 2, 2015News

The Premier has confirmed he is pressing ahead with plans to build the Sydney Metro City tunnel, although it is not expected to open until 2024. 

Two large drills have reportedly been drilling up to 70m below Sydney Harbour in order to determine the best location for the tunnel, which – despite the RTBU raising serious safety concerns – is set to hour single-deck, driverless trains.

The Premier and Transport Minister have been busy attempting to hose down safety concerns around the driverless trains, however the RTBU will continue to raise the serious issue – and the concerns around lines being privately run – in the hope that the government will see sense and ensure that drivers and guards are put on the locos to ensure commuter safety.

The Government is apparently embarking on a community consultation campaign, with the public welcome to lodge submission by going to sydneymetro.info by July 17.