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Welcome to new PN Bulk Enfield members

Oct 25, 2013News

There’s been a big boost in the number of members attending training at Pacific National Bulk Enfield. Read More »

Loco Division backpacks – get in quick!

Oct 22, 2013News

Due to the overwhelming popularity of the Loco Division backpacks, another shipment of 100 bags has just arrived. Read More »

Turnout issue prompts safety upgrade

Aug 22, 2013News

The Loco Division was forced to raise a safety issue with Sydney Trains recently, after two instances of trains traversing a turnout movement over the posted the line speed were reported to the union. Read More »

Explosive impact on safety

Jul 25, 2013News

RailCorp recently made a decision to remove Rail Safety Signals otherwise known as ‘detonators’ from their network. In eliminating this safety precaution, workers’ safety is reliant on the notoriously troubled train radio system. Read More »

Werris Creek retirements

Jul 4, 2013News

Congratulations to retiring Werris Creek CountryLink drivers John Currey, David Heywood and Robert Lovett who were presented with RTBU 30 year membership plaques at a farewell held for the trio on Saturday night. Read More »

Transfer policy upheld

Jul 1, 2013News

RailCorp has agreed to advertise a vacant driver trainer’s position, after the Loco Division disputed the company’s attempted direct appointment.  Read More »

Loco Division fights for entitlements after El Zorro collapse

Jun 27, 2013News

The Loco Division has been working to protect the entitlements of members at the now collapsed El Zorro, and to ensure new employment is found for those still out of work. Read More »

Excess travel time dispute finally settled

Jun 27, 2013News

After a long running dispute, agreement has finally been reached on the excess travel/travelling time issue in RailCorp. Read More »

Loco Division union fees

Jun 27, 2013News

The new RTBU Loco Division union membership fees for the financial year 1 July 0212 – 30 June 2013 are as follows:  Read More »

Regional law firm tour

Jun 26, 2013News

Loco Division members who live in regional areas are today advised of a country tour by law firm White Barnes. Should members wish to seek legal advice, they are invited to contact their union organiser for […] Read More »

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