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New Timetable Concerns

Nov 24, 2017Uncategorized

As members will be aware, Transport for NSW have developed and are about to implement one of the most aggressive timetables Sydney has witnessed in many years. The Locomotive Division holds grave concerns as to […] Read More »

iPhone Rollout    

Nov 24, 2017Uncategorized

Members are advised that NSW Trains recently commenced distribution to drivers of the iPhone 7. This occured following extensive consultation and a trial process to ascertain the viability of this device for utilisation within the […] Read More »

NSW Trains Transfer Dispute

Nov 24, 2017Uncategorized

There have recently been several transfer issues within the Regional area of NSW Trains that have led to a dispute being initiated. Regional driver transfers are undertaken via two methods, firstly by utilisation of the […] Read More »

Week 3 Update: PN NSW Coal and Bulk EA Negotiations

Nov 24, 2017Uncategorized

Discussions with the Company and Your Negotiating Team continued this week in a continued effort to resolve outstanding issues, protect current conditions and entitlements and wherever possible improve current conditions. As reported last week we […] Read More »

Sydney and NSW Trains: Making management bargain in good faith

Nov 17, 2017News

Your RTBU negotiating team today filed an application for Good Faith Bargaining Orders in the Fair Work Commission. This decision was made by your team after management’s continued failure to provide the information requested to […] Read More »

Update: PN NSW Coal and Bulk EA Negotiations

Nov 17, 2017News PN Updates

As reported last week we continued to negotiate with Pacific National this week on the 15th and 16th November in an effort to resolve the remaining outstanding issues between the parties. Significant progress was made, […] Read More »

Turnbull Govt attack on working people: update

Nov 17, 2017Australian Unions News

The below update has just been received from ACTU Secretary, Sally McManus: ——– This is an update on the Turnbull government attacks against working people. We have bogged down the five pieces of anti-worker legislation […] Read More »

AURIZON COAL ENTERPRISE – company log of claims

Nov 10, 2017News

On November 10th, your delegates and the Union sat down with Aurizon Negotiating team to exchange log of claims and to step each party through each log. General Manager, Catherine Baxter, briefly attended the meeting […] Read More »


Nov 10, 2017News

RTBU representatives met with Aurizon Coal management on Monday 30th October 2017 to discuss logistics for the upcoming Enterprise Agreement negotiations. Discussions included where and when the negotiations will be held and who will be […] Read More »

PN NSW BULK RAIL Update: Pay and Protected Action

Nov 10, 2017News PN Updates

A short update on where the issues with pay deductions for participation the two 48 hour stoppages have progressed to. Your RTBU team wrote to the company on Tuesday and gave them till COB today […] Read More »