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ATP Equipment – Change to OSCAR H Set Preparation Procedure

Aug 9, 2019Sydney Trains Update

Sydney Trains are currently rolling out a briefing for drivers concerning the changing of the H Set OSCAR preparation procedure. OSCAR sets have progressively upgraded with new technology. The upgrade results in an adjustment to the OSCAR Train Preparation Procedure.

Blacktown, Mortdale and Waterfall Drivers a 30 minute briefing will be deliveredĀ  by a standards officer with the relevant paperwork outlining the requirements. The same approach and agreed outcomes will be utilised in all locations. Drivers who attend the briefing before or after the rostered start / finish times of shifts will be paid 30 minutes subject time, to be claimed on their timesheets.

The Locomotive Division will monitor the preparation procedure and its application to see if there are any associated issues. Please let the head office or project delegates (Andrew Holt, Keith McMahon, Marc Chapman) know of any issues during operation in relation to this.

Consultation has occurred with the Locomotive Division as part of the broader consultation of the continuing ATP Project as roll out draws ever closer.