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Sydney/NSW Trains EA update – Loco members

As members would be aware, the RTBU has been one of seven unions who have been involved in the bargaining process for the Sydney and NSW Trains Enterprise Agreements (EAs) since July 2017. Following almost three weeks of an EA tour, which was organised and conducted by your employers, it is now almost time to vote on your EA.

Prior to the voting period, which will likely go for two weeks, is what is known as the ‘access period’. The access period is a 7-day period, as prescribed by the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth). The purpose of this 7-day period is to afford all employees covered by an EA the opportunity to read and examine the document before casting a vote. The formal access period officially commenced on 01 March 2018.

Members are now starting to receive their Enterprise Agreements – whether they are an employee of Sydney or NSW Trains – and the RTBU Locomotive Division would like to provide some additional background information in relation to both the EAs and the related circumstances concerning the vote.

Click here to see the detail of this update. 

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