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Sydenham Junction Infrastructure Changes

Dec 31, 2019Sydney Trains Update

 The Locomotive Division wishes to inform Members of developments in regard to training for the signalling and infrastructure changes at Sydenham Junction due to be cut-in on 5 January 2020. 

The Division is disappointed that Sydney Trains have continually refused to provide briefings to Drivers regarding these changes, opting instead to “update” Drivers via route knowledge diagrams issued in Safety Critical Document packs and a supplementary animated video which can be viewed by employees in their own time. 

The Division does not support or endorse any training being done in Member’s own time. 

The Locomotive Division maintains that this proposed “update” is insufficient and not in line with best practices for training or safety. 

The Locomotive Division has formally requested that Drivers be supported in their role through the provision of detailed briefings delivered in paid work time by Standards Officers or Principal Drivers. These briefings would also provide an opportunity to have questions about the changed track and signal conditions answered by a Safe Working Qualified employee. 

Despite the many changes to signal and track infrastructure at Sydenham, Sydney Trains continues to deny the need for briefings and defend their decision to provide a second-rate driver “update”. 

Given Sydney Trains refusal to consider our request for basic training and support we remind all Members of their right to request a pilot for this new infrastructure until such time as they are confident in traversing the section of track. 

Additionally, we remind Drivers that the safe operation of their train is the paramount concern and primary task. Timetable pressures are of no importance when weighed against safety. 

Members retain the ability to operate their train at a reduced speed if it is felt necessary following an individual risk assessment. 

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