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Redfern Car Park

The Loco Division has recently been advised that NSW and Sydney Trains have engaged with various stakeholders regarding the limitation of the available amount of car parking spaces at Redfern.

This limitation arises from various construction works planned for that area over the next couple of years which may eventually see its complete closure by the end of 2022. Major works which require the use of the car park for access/egress to the rail corridor at Redfern will further limit available spaces to between 20 to 30 spaces when they occur.

Both Sydney and NSW Trains are obligated to consult with the RTBU over these proposed changes and have been advised of this requirement as a matter of urgency.

As is known, the closure of PA siding for crew parking caused considerable discontent for crew which resulted in the opening up of the current Redfern location. Now however, we are once again faced with losing car parking availability for crew who need the same for 24hr, 7 days a week shift work requirements.