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Railtrain Update – 24 September 2021

Since our last newsletter (36 /21) another meeting has taken place with RSS and another with RTS for the Hunter Ports Agreement. RSS have moved on some issues however there are still many outstanding, the  main being the ridiculously low pay being offered, next to nothing pay rises that are in line with WPI and  sign on bonus’s only available to casuals so as to entice them to vote up a substandard agreement.  

RTS are still insisting on having a separate EA for four employees. Your Union has consistently stated one  Agreement for the whole state makes more sense and ensures equality for all Railtrain Group employees.  Railtrain have stated that the Hunter Port Services location and type of work done is so different to the rest of its business that it needs a separate agreement. Your Union denies this and has highlighted that such  a tactic could be viewed as intended to deliberately divide the workforce and weaken workers collective  bargaining power. Although Railtrain have issued a NERR for a NSW Agreement, they have yet to schedule a bargaining meeting for this EA. The RTBU expects that these negotiations will begin shortly. 

It is unfortunate that Railtrain is continuing to treat their employees as second class. Until we see a  significant change in attitude from the Railtrain Group towards employees and these negotiations, the  RTBU will continue to consider and explore all options available to members in bargaining, including the  pursuit of protected industrial action against Railtrain companies should it become necessary. 

We will keep you updated as matters progress.

Download a copy of the Newsflash here.