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QUBE EA Negotiations Update

Aug 1, 2019QUBE Update

Members are advised that the RTBU Locomotive Division wrote to QUBE again today, as since the tour there has been no movement in relation to the proposed QUBE Agreement. It was the understanding of Your RTBU Negotiation Team that the point of the tour was to inform members as to what changes had occurred as a result of negotiations and that the Agreement would be put to a vote following the tour.

The RTBU therefore suggested to QUBE via email that they were possibly in breach of their obligation to bargain in good faith under the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth). QUBE subsequently advised that they will let the RTBU know within the next few days as to when the access period will commence. The access period is the 7-day period required by the Act in which employees are given a copy of the proposed Agreement to read through before they
vote on it.

Should the pay offer proposed by QUBE not change from what it was on the previous tour then it is the view of Your Locomotive Division Negotiating Team that all employees should vote no to the proposed Agreement. If the proposed Agreement is voted down then QUBE must come back to the table and discuss the Agreement with the RTBU – this will allow us all to fight for a higher wage increase on your behalf.

The RTBU Delegates and Organisers discussed the potential of filing for protected industrial action if the Agreement is voted down. We will soon be distributing a survey to understand whether members are willing to take protected industrial action should it be necessary and if so what actions they will be willing to do.

We will keep members informed as to what happens next, including dates for a tour that we will be conducted after the access period has finished and prior to the vote being conducted.

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