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PN Member Update: Rail Worker Medical – Function Testing

As Members are aware the RTBU have raised serious concerns around major changes regarding Category One, Two and Three medicals. 

Members across the country (in all workgroups) have been alarmed at the new testing regime that has come into play since Pacific National changed providers from Sonic Health to Jobfit Health. 

The RTBU obviously supports testing that reflects the challenges that PN Employees face in their day-to-day duties, and any medical advice that ensures the mental and physical health and wellbeing of the Membership. 

We will not however stand idly by when changes (that have not been consulted on) are rolled out to the detriment and distress of the Members, potentially impacting on their ability to continue carrying out their specific classification duties. 

On Wednesday the 4th of August, after meeting with PN, the RTBU issued a letter requesting that these harsh Muscular Skeletal / function testing methods revert to the status quo, an updated Employee memo be re-issued with the facts and that the old Memo be retracted. The RTBU gave PN until the COB on Friday the 6th to respond. 

Without even acknowledging their delay, on Monday the 9th of August Pacific National responded to the RTBU, and issued a new Memo which includes minor changes to the existing document. 

As part of the re-issued memo, Members are being asked to contact PN (PNhealthservices@pacificnational.com.au) to report any feedback regarding the new testing regime. 

The RTBU encourages all Members to report back on this link about how these changes are affecting them and also copy in the rtbu@rtbu.org.au. If Members are uncomfortable about providing this feedback due to the fear of being targeted, please contact your Organiser who can submit your concerns on your behalf. 

The RTBU is still seeking the following from Pacific National surrounding the changes to the testing:

  •  Pacific National provide a copy of the list of testing requirements that it required of Sonic, and a list of testing requirements it has asked of Jobfit. 
  • A commitment that the Status Quo remains while PN conducts its urgent investigation.
  • A commitment that any RTBU Member will not have to do testing that goes above what is the normal expectation for the duties that they carry out in their everyday job. 
  • Pacific National review Jobfits consent form with Jobfit so as to match actual requirements, rather than giving Jobfit unnecessary access to personal medical records. 

Please stay tuned for further updates.


Download a copy of the update here.