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PN Bulk EA Negotiations

Members, due to the unfortunate weather conditions, Pacific National decided  this morning to cancel the scheduled bargaining meetings set down for this  week. 

PN’s decision was based on limiting non-essential car travel while flooding  remains a threat.  

While no one wants to see negotiations delayed, we also understand the  current situation and acknowledge that many members and their families have  been affected by the floods. Our thoughts go out to all members and their  families in these difficult times.  

We would also like to acknowledge the great work being done by the countless  volunteers who continue to assist in the recovery effort, many of whom are  also members. 

Our next bargaining meeting is scheduled to take place in the week  commencing 21 March. 

We will report back to you again at that time. 

Stay Safe Everyone.

Download a copy of the Newsflash here.