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Newsflash: DP Allowance Aurizon Members

Mar 23, 2018Aurizon Update

The RTBU and Aurizon met today at Fair Work Australia in Newcastle in an attempt to resolve the dispute regarding the Non-Payment of the Distributed Power Allowance as per clause 54 of the Aurizon NSW Coal Operations Enterprise Agreement 2013 to all employees working under the Distributed Power configuration.

The RTBU has put the position to the commission that the enterprise agreement clause 54 is very clear and during the negotiations of this agreement there was no intention from either party to restrict this payment to 1 crew member who is qualified to drive the train.

The company reaps rewards with DP configuration with fuel savings, wear and tear reduction on its assets and a reduction in brake shoe usage. It was recently acknowledge by the CEO that the first revenue service has achieved a 2% productivity gain for the company and its customers.

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