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PN Train Crew Update: mobile phone rollout and the use of MANDATORY apps

FOR THE ATTENTION OF ALL PACIFIC NATIONAL TRAIN CREW RTBU Train Crew Members working for PN have recently been told that, aside from being given a mobile phone as a “tool of the trade”, they […] Read More »

Loco Express: Secretary’s Report

Nov 15, 2019

November 15, 2019 Dear members, Following on from the resignation of the Divisions Industrial Officer Jessica Epps, the Division is in the process of seeking applicants to fill the newly created position of Divisional Legal […] Read More »

Loco Delegates Conference video

Nov 15, 2019

Please see below for a video from our Loco Delegates Conference 2019. Thanks to everyone who attended. We hope you had a great time. Read More »

Taree Smoko photos

Nov 15, 2019

The annual smoko for the Taree Railway Retirement Club was held last week and everyone had a great time. There were 105 that attended across all divisions with locals as well as visitors from far […] Read More »

A farewell to the Carlingford rail line

Nov 14, 2019

One of Sydney’s most historic train lines is going to be closed as the Parramatta Light Rail project takes over. The Carlingford line is being given a fond farewell by thousands of commuters as it makes […] Read More »

Aurizon Dispute Fair Work Commission Update

Nov 8, 2019

 As members would be aware a Notification of Dispute was issued to Aurizon Coal NSW on the failure to adhere to the provisions of the Enterprise Agreement specifically: Clause 38 Annual leave, Clause 53 Workplace […] Read More »

Mandatory Train on / off function in Drivers App – NO CONSULTATION WIN

 As a result of Pacific National issuing an Employee Update titled “Gunnedah/Bowen Driver App Change”: IT Communication: Driver App is now ready to be deployed to all Coal Train Crew”, a Notice of Dispute was […] Read More »

PNI Mobile Phone Update

An RTBU PNI National Delegate phone hook-up was held recently. Usually these meetings cover outcomes from the National consultation meetings and Depot updates/issues. This meeting, however, was entirely dominated by Pacific National’s decision to roll-out […] Read More »

QUBE Enterprise Agreement Update

Nov 5, 2019

Members have overwhelmingly voted down the company’s proposed Enterprise Agreement by 101 to 8. Congratulations for standing as one to fight for your current and future working conditions and pay.  Next Steps : There is […] Read More »