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Fair Work Commission rejects Linfox bid to suspend Aurizon industrial action

Jul 2, 2019Aurizon Update

As members may be aware, The RTBU Queensland branch has been fighting hard against Aurizon to get the working conditions members deserve.

Recently, major road transportation company Linfox attempted to stop the RTBU QLD industrial action at Aurizon, a recent acquisition of the company. Linfox claimed there would be “significant harm” if the action were to continue.

However, Fair Work Commissioner Spencer dismissed this claim of “significant harm”, instead saying that any attempt to block industrial action would “obviate the structure of protected industrial action as a right for parties under the Act.”

“This was simply a case of another big company trying to stop workers from exercising their basic right to protest against unfair working conditions. This is the reason unions exist and we’re glad that the Fair Work Commission has sided with RTBU Members in QLD,” Loco Division Secretary Bob Hayden said.

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