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Apr 13, 2020Update

Pacific National RTBU Members across Australia are outraged and feel betrayed at the company’s attempt to ram through massive changes to their Enterprise Agreements using COVID-19 as a cover.

Just last week PN were bragging about making record profits. Now, using modelling (that no one from the RTBU has seen), it’s all doom and gloom and “let’s go after the workers conditions”.

RTBU Members WILL NOT accept this. We will not be forced into making radical change based on “what if’s”.

The RTBU (on all levels – Nationally, Branch and Depot) is ready and willing to sit down with PN and have productive and constructive conversations about what changes can be made WITHOUT an all-out attack on their rights.

So far, all PN have done is:

  • have a phone meeting with Mark Diamond (National Secretary and Allan Barden (Assistant
  • National Secretary), during which the truth was not forthcoming,
  • a short meeting with local delegates, and;
  • a 30 minute dial in for employees on Easter Saturday where most were unable to dial in and the very limited number of questions that were addressed were hand chosen by management.

None of this is proper consultation, and certainly not negotiating.


Today a petition will be circulated for members to sign. Everyone needs to sign this to let PN know that their workforce IS NOT going to accept these proposed changes. These changes are a PN Wishlist and need to be completely taken off the table. To vary an EA, PN must negotiate.

Threatening Members with Stand Downs unless they vote up these ridiculous changes is not in spirit of good faith. RTBU Members have been demonstrating their professionality and dedication throughout this crisis and deserve to be treated with respect.

We need EVERY Member to sign this petition,and demand PN take the wholesale changes to the EA’s off the table and come and talk to the RTBU.

The Union is willing to talk to PN about practical options into the future if need be, but the changes they are proposing are over the top.
The message is clear:

1. RTBU Members WILL NOT accept these changes to their EA’s. They should be taken off the table.

2. The RTBU IS WILLING to discuss practical and achievable changes into the future if the need arises

3. PN need to come back to the RTBU and have proper discussions about possible changes.

If you have any questions or issues,please contact your Organiser.


RTBU Members are reminded that your Work Health, Safety and welfare is PARAMOUNT. PN have knowingly stirred up a hornet’s nest by announcing these proposed changes to your EA’s, and inevitably changed what the focus should be, your Health and Safety.

RTBU Members are reminded to keep doing your checks. HSR’s continue to enforce your legislative rights. Ensure that Risk Assessments are being done, and WHSE Committee meetings are being held.


The message to PN is very clear. Take these changes off the table and talk to the RTBU.

If there is such a crisis looming, then we should all be in this together. Not a one-way street directed by senior brass at PN all comfy sitting at home in their feathered nest.


Click here to download the newsflash.