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Aurizon Intermodal finishes up

Apr 20, 2018Aurizon News Update

Aurizon Intermodal has now finally finished its operations, meaning the sad loss of over 250 jobs.

The last train worked was 1451 from Enfield to Carrington and return 4152 to Enfield on the 31st March 2018.

1451 was worked by Keith Hellier and Graham Phillips – the departure from Enfield was 0810hrs with Locomotives G534, G516 and 6042 with a length of 640 metres and 1945 tonnes and arrived at Carrington at 1215hrs.

It was then stripped and reloaded of containers and then formed train No. 4152

4152 then departed Carrington at 1535hrs with Train Crew Paul Dawson and Graham Phillips. Graham Phillips was relived at Cowan by Jarrod Wilson.

4152 arrived at Enfield around 1730hrs and was stabled.

Aurizon Intermodal started out as Interail in late 2004 with a couple of name changes along the way. In 2008 it was known as QR and then in 2012 till present as Aurizon Intermodal.

This brings a close to Aurizon’s Intermodal Interstate Operations with a loss of over 250 jobs nationally.