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Aurizon EA voting Results- Update No. 13

Your RTBU NSW Locomotive Division negotiating team advises that voting for the proposed Aurizon NSW  Coal Operations Enterprise Agreement has now closed with the outcome as follows:

  • Total Number of eligible voters – 288
  • Total Number of votes counted – 237
  • Total Number of votes YES – 147
  • Total Number of votes NO – 90
  • Total Percentage of votes received – 82.29%
  • Total Percentage of votes YES – 62.03%
  • Total Percentage of votes NO – 37.98%

With this result, the Aurizon NSW Coal Operations Enterprise Agreement 2021 has been endorsed by  members.  

Next Steps

  • The agreement will be checked to ensure no non-allowable content
  • The agreement will be signed by the RTBU and Aurizon over the coming days
  • Once checked and signed, the EA will be sent to Fair Work Commission for approval, which usually takes several days
  • In some cases, the FWC may ask for further information before approving an agreement
  • The agreement, if approved, will begin operation 7 days after FWC approval is recorded
  • Employees will received a 2.5% pay increase, back paid to 10 November 2021, in the first full pay period after the EA is certified by the FWC
  • Employees will receive further 2.5% pay increases from the first full pay period after
    • 10 November 2022
    • 10 November 2023
    • 10 November 2024
  • The Aurizon NSW Coal Operations EA 2021 will expire on 10 November 2025

If you have any questions, please contact your local rep or your Locomotive Division Organiser via mobile or email.

Download a copy of the Newsflash here.