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Aurizon EA Negotiation Update No. 8

Your RTBU Locomotive Division negotiating team continues to meet regularly with Aurizon to bargain for a replacement agreement. Our most recent meeting focused on proposed clauses, and to identify differences between the position endorsed by members and Aurizon’s position.

As previously reported, we have been closely monitoring the proposed “Roster E” and “Roster E – version 3” to identify and assess clauses which may need alteration to facilitate implementation of the preferred roster. Your Locomotive Division team has spent extensive time considering the proposal, receiving member feedback, and ensuring members understand the proposal and its intent.

At yesterday’s meeting, Aurizon advised that they had identified additional problems with “Roster E – version 3” for the Newcastle Depot in relation to barracks identification days. These problems pose a challenge in considering, and where possible rectifying issues, or whether it is better to pursue other options.

Whilst we are optimistic, we will continue to review and assess this proposal to ensure the outcome delivers benefits to members.

Please also be advised that whilst Aurizon recently distributed a document with 3 clause options, negotiations are for one (1) replacement agreement to be voted on once in-principle agreement has been reached.

The Locomotive Division would like to thank all members who have taken the time to join our TEAMS teleconferences to hear our updates and provide your feedback.

Please monitor your emails for further invites as we will hold more TEAMS teleconferences and provide regular Newsflash updates as your replacement Enterprise Agreement negotiations progress.

Download a copy of the Newsflash here.