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ATP Training for Waterfall Drivers

Dec 2, 2020Sydney Trains Update

After a lot of consultation, feedback and determined hard work from the delegates on the project, training will allow Sydney Trains drivers to operate the ATP in normal mode on the Sydney Trains network.
From Monday 30 November, Drivers from the Waterfall depot will be the first Sydney Trains Crew to operate ATP in Normal mode. When they drive OSCAR trains they will operate in Normal mode.
Waterfall Drivers will start receiving the two-day ATP training course which includes simulators, scenarios, and e-learning modules from this weekend. After a great deal of pushing from Delegates, in addition to training there will be a new ATP onboard support model which will see Principal Drivers or Standards Officers providing Drivers with onboard support for their first ATP revenue service in NORMAL.
The onboard support initiative component is a great addition which we will help support our drivers as they adjust and adapt to operating with ATP. 

Please provide any feedback to the training or any other ATP related issues to the project reps or head office. Many thanks to all those involved in the implementation of ATP system.

Project Reps include Andrew Holt, Keith McMahon, Farren Campbell and for the Illawarra training Andrew Cox and Luis Heredia.

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