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Freightliner EA given the nod

Jan 27, 2015News

The new Freightliner enterprise agreement has been approved, with 73% of eligible members voting in favour of the agreement. Read More »

In-principle agreement reached on Freightliner EA

Jan 16, 2015News

After an eventful discussion period, negotiations for a new Freightliner enterprise agreement have finally concluded. Read More »

Freightliner negotiations kick off

Apr 29, 2014News

Negotiations with Freightliner regarding a new Freightliner Australia Coal Haulage enterprise agreement have now commenced. Read More »

QUBE gets underway

Mar 14, 2014News

Negotiations for a new enterprise agreement at QUBE have finally kicked off. Read More »

Aurizon set for industrial action ballot

Jan 28, 2014News

Negotiations with Aurizon over a new enterprise agreement to replace the previous Interail Australia agreement, have broken down after six months of discussions. Read More »

Aurizon Coal seeks FWC help after company fails to negotiate EA

Oct 28, 2013News

Aurizon Coal has made an application to the Fair Work Commission calling for the independent umpire to begin conciliation hearings on the new enterprise agreement. Read More »

QUBE EA negotiations kick off

Oct 25, 2013News

With negotiations for a new enterprise agreement at QUBE on the horizon, the Loco Division is getting prepared. Read More »

Early Rail Entities discussions held

Oct 23, 2013News

Preliminary discussions on the 2014 Rail Entities enterprise agreement were held today. Read More »

Voting now open for PN Coal EA

May 23, 2013News

Members at Pacific National Coal should have now received their ballot papers for the PN Coal NSW Enterprise Agreement 2013. Read More »

Pacific National Victoria

Apr 29, 2013News

Negotiations for a new PN Victoria agreement are due to get underway as soon as the PN NSW Bulk agreement is settled – which is due to occur over the coming weeks. Read More »