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EBA process grinds to halt as PN Coal reneges on agreement

Mar 16, 2012Update

The RTBU has suspended all EBA negotiations with all business groups at Pacific National after PN Coal backtracked from the previous agreement of a common expiry date for a three-year agreement. At odds with the […] Read More »

Industry standards get a boost at Freightliner

Apr 1, 2011Update

Freightliner drivers are set to become some of the highest-paid freight drivers in the state for a 38-hour week under a new agreement negotiated by the RTBU to be voted on next week. The agreement […] Read More »

New EBA boosts standards at El Zorro

Mar 11, 2011News

El Zorro workers will be pleased to know that their agreement was approved by Fair Work Australia on Monday 7th March 2011. From the 14th of March over 100 workers across NSW and Victoria will now […] Read More »

Local Agreements

Mar 10, 2011News

Identifying if any Local Agreements have been made at Sub Division level both in RailCorp and/or Freight Operators has recently become an issue for the Division. It is also difficult for the Division to keep […] Read More »

Freightliner EBA

Feb 24, 2011Update

Members are advised the RTBU has arranged to hold an initial meeting with Freightliner Coal on Monday 14 February to discuss the proposed Freightliner Coal EBA. This will be the first EBA specific to Freightliner […] Read More »

Win for drivers at El Zorro

Feb 24, 2011Update

Drivers for freight operator El Zorro have overwhelmingly endorsed their new EBA, which delivers a pay rise and a boost to conditions. El Zorro drivers had slipped behind industry standards in some areas, including pay. […] Read More »

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