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Industry standards get a boost at Freightliner

Apr 1, 2011Update

Freightliner drivers are set to become some of the highest-paid freight drivers in the state for a 38-hour week under a new agreement negotiated by the RTBU to be voted on next week.

The agreement includes a substantial performance allowance and a pay rise increase of 12% over 3 years, plus another 2% at the end of those three years as an advance payment for the next agreement, which is a sign of the good faith which has been developed between the Company and RTBU Loco Division.

Company plans to expand their operations contributed to the strength of the agreement. Many drivers considering signing up with Freightliner, who are coming from unionised workplaces, would not sign until they had seen the details of the employment agreement negotiated by the union; and the company wished to negotiate an industry-leading agreement to attract drivers to work for them.

The new Freightliner agreement sets a new industry standard that all RTBU Loco members can aspire to in their next enterprise agreement negotiations.