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Latest on the rail impacts of the NSW weather disaster

Apr 30, 2015News

The Hunter Valley line is now fully operational, with the first trains running Thursday morning. Read More »

Network closure and stand downs

Apr 24, 2015News

Your Union has been in urgent discussions with Pacific National in regard to the state of the rail network following this week’s storms in NSW. Read More »

Fair Work Commission decision on Aurizon EBAs

Apr 23, 2015News

The Fair Work Commission this week ruled that a dozen enterprise agreements at Aurizon could be terminated. Below is a statement from RTBU National Secretary Bob Nanva in response to the decision.  Read More »

Solidarity with QLD Aurizon drivers

Dec 18, 2014National News

Aurizon drivers in Queensland voted to take part in protected industrial action, after the company refused to negotiate a fair enterprise agreement. Read More »

Where’d those 10 hours go?

Nov 13, 2014News

Aurizon Coal’s move to strip workers of 10 hours of annual leave has forced the RTBU to lodge a dispute over the issue. Read More »

Aurizon tries to throw out QLD EAs

May 16, 2014News

Privatised Queensland rail freight carrier Aurizon is attempting to terminate 14 expired enterprise agreements – a move the RTBU says it will vigorously fight. Read More »

Aurizon EA voted up

Apr 28, 2014News

After nearly 12months of negotiations, three interceptions at the Fair Work Commission, protected industrial action and even lock-out of workers, the AURIZON NSW Coal Operations Enterprise Agreement 2014 has now been endorsed by the membership. Read More »

Breakthrough in Aurizon case

Mar 14, 2014News

The RTBU and Aurizon management have reached an in-principal agreement during EA negotiations at the Fair Work Commission this week. Read More »

Global support for Aurizon workers

Mar 13, 2014News

Messages of support for Aurizon workers, who have been forced to take protected industrial action in order to get a fair agreement, have been flying in from all over the world. Read More »

FWC to convene Aurizon meeting

Mar 2, 2014News

The RTBU will meet with Aurizon representatives today in a bid to resolve the current dispute in the Hunter. Read More »

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