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Your Safety At Risk Survey

Jul 25, 2011Update

The new National Rail Safety laws are in the process of being drafted, but it’s rapidly becoming apparent that new laws are being skewed towards the interests of employers rather than workers – compromising the working conditions the union has fought hard to build, and crucially, workers’ safety.

The main issues are:

– Maximum shift lengths and minimum rest breaks are currently enshrined in law in NSW, operators are pushing for changes that will mean individual employers can set their own standards.

– Employers are hoping to entrench the cheaper, invasive and slow urine sample testing, rather than the instant, simple saliva swab testing.

– Until now competency standards have been set and assessed by an independent national body. Operators are pushing for these standards to be abolished and want to set the competencies themselves. This is a massive safety issue, which will lead to staff who may not be properly trained completing critical safety tasks.

Make sure your rights are protected by letting the bureaucrats drafting the laws, and the operators pushing for dangerous changes, know that your livelihood, safety and working conditions are not negotiable.

Send the message that these laws will not pass without the voices of front-line workers being heard.

To FIND OUT MORE about the proposed laws and what you can do to help make sure the laws are drafted in a fair and responsible way, download the FACT SHEET RTBU Fact Sheet.

Help the RTBU fight the decline in rail safety standards by completing the YOUR SAFETY IS AT RISK SURVEY: RTBU Survey July 2011.

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