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Who is next? ‘Jetstar’ model lands at BHP mines

Jun 17, 2019Update

It’s an issue facing many industries – the introduction of cut-price workforces.

The CFMEU Mining and Energy publication, Common Cause, reports that Peak Downs and Saraji coal mines are the latest targets for BHP’s new cut-price workforce employed by its in-house labour hire company, Operations Services.

Workers at Peak Downs have been told that in September, 230 roles will be filled by Operations Services workers to replace jobs filled by contractor HSE Mining. At Saraji, 130 Operations Services roles will begin next month, replacing services currently supplied by contractors UGL in the washplant and Downer in vehicle maintenance

Loco Division Secretary, Bob Hayden, said the issue is becoming increasingly prominent throughout Australian industries – and will undoubtedly continue to grow under the re-elected Morrison Government.

“This is another classic example of big business taking money from workers’ back pockets and putting it back into company profits. You’ve got to ask yourself, who is next?” Mr Hayden said.

“It seems as though no worker is safe from the Morrison Government and their big business mates who won’t be happy until kids and canaries are back in the coal mines and working class are begging on their knees for bread and dripping.

“All workers doing the same job should get the same pay packet. That’s something the Loco Division has always fought for and will continue to fight for.”A