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Waratah update: set six is ready for PC testing

Oct 24, 2011Update

* Members will be aware that Waratah sets three and four are now operational on a rotation basis for limited passenger runs. Set five has once again failed to meet its Practical Completion [PC] testing by RailCorp and has been handed back to Downer/EDI for fault rectification. Set six has been handed over to RailCorp for its PC testing this week and the set handover rate will escalate prior to Christmas with a set arriving at the AMF every 15 days.

* The RTBU is also happy to report that problem with the “smoky” or “hazy” windscreens has finally been resolved and trials of the new windscreen have been a great success. The company is installing new windscreens to the existing fleet.

* The issue of the head strike/injury to crew working in the cab remains unresolved, however, plans have been announced that may reduce this hazard. Downer/EDI have proposed to recess the offending pulley system for the detrainment ramp higher within the roof cavity. This move is welcomed by the RTBU but it still needs to be assessed before it can be accepted. The RTBU has told RailCorp that if no solution has been found before the arrival of Set AO7, it will review its position of support for the train going into service.

* Waratah trains will commence limited operations from Campbelltown depot in conjunction with the new timetable from October 24. This is the first phase of this train’s rollout into wider revenue operations with several services now working from that depot.

* Campbelltown drivers will undertake training for this train from that date with four drivers and four guards being trained each week for the next five roster cycles subject to future Waratah train availability. During this period, 10 additional drivers and guards will be sent on loan to Campbelltown to cover the shortfall of crew due to training. Additional amenities  will be provided.