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Waratah Sets 5 & 6 on their way

Dec 14, 2011Update

Waratah Sets 3 and 4 are now operational on a rotation basis for limited passenger runs. Set 5 and Set 6 have been handed over to RailCorp for their PC testing and it is proposed that Set handover rate will escalate prior to Christmas with Sets arriving at the AMF every 15 days.

The RTBU have met regularly with RailCorp Executive in an attempt to resolve the many issues associated with this train and its crew cab:


The RTBU is happy to report that the quality issue of this trains windscreen has finally been resolved with the company now supplying and installing new windscreens to its existing fleet. A solution has been found to the ‘smoky’ or ‘hazy’ issue originally affecting these screens and initial reviews of the new windscreen has proven to be a complete success.

Detrainment Ramp Issues:

The major risk of head strike/injury from parts of this equipment may be close to being resolved with RailCorp and EDI now discussing plans to have the offending equipment partially concealed within the cab roof cavity.

A risk assessment was recently conducted to validate the required expenditure by EDI to rectify this fault with the RTBU awaiting the results. The RTBU has corresponded to RailCorp its refusal to accept this train beyond the arrival of Set AO7 unless the current crew cab safety concerns have been addressed.

Cab Doors:

The previously reported issue of the crew cab being alarmed on opening and closing has now been rectified, and the cab door can now be opened when side window is open.

Etis System and screens:

These computer screens remain affected by glare despite the application of a non-reflective film and are an outstanding item for resolution. The Etis computer software is currently at version 12, which is approximately 80 per cent functional, with version 13 expected to be applied on Set 7.


The Millennium Conversion Course has been agreed and is being implemented initially at the Campbelltown Depot. The Tangara Baseline Course has been piloted with a further review of days five and six required before to its implementation early next year. The AMF induction course remains outstanding as procedures for facilities operations still to be finalised.