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Waratah drivers training course gets the green light

Sep 27, 2011Update

RTBU reps have been involved in the development, piloting and reviewing of the driver training for the Waratah train over the past 12 months.

The course, which has been reviewed through two pilots, has now reached a point where it’s acceptable for the training of drivers and will start to roll out this September.

The four-day course is for drivers who are Millennium qualified and the aim is to train drivers in the differences between the Waratah and Millennium systems and operating processes.

The structure of the course is:

•   Day 1: General information, train systems etc and introduction to SIM and PTS.

•   Day 2&3: Work through scenarios on SIM and PTS.

•   Day 4: Practical preparation, stable and drive from AMF.

In addition to the Waratah course, a Tangara Baseline course has been developed for drivers with no Millennium or OSCAR experience and is currently undergoing its first pilot training course at Petersham.

The RBTU would like to thank the reps for their hard work on the development of the pilot course.