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US state politicians are deciding whether or not to mandate a minimum of 2 crew on all freight trains

Feb 6, 2020Update

This legislation that legislators in Virginia, Missouri, New York and Wyoming are considering is whether to require freight trains to have a minimum train crew size, which they say would make operations safer. A minimum two-person crew would go a long way into increasing safety and ensuring that emergencies are handled in the best way possible.

Unions are also weighing into the proposed legislation and ensuring contracts are made to ensure members have the safest possible working conditions.

“This is a great US initiative and we would love to see the debate start here as well. Rail workers deal with a lot of dangerous situations and we want to ensure the safety of members at all times. An extra set of eyes on the train can make all the difference in an emergency,” said RTBU NSW Loco Division Secretary, Bob Hayden.

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