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Unions pledge a national campaign to protect workers in insecure jobs

May 16, 2012Update

After a six-month independent enquiry by former Deputy Prime Minister Brian Howe, the report into insecure work in Australia had been released.

Welcomed by the ACTU Congress, Lives on Hold: Unlocking the Potential of Australia’s Workforce, examines the detrimental effects of an increased number of casual, labour hire and contracting jobs is having on Australian workers.

The report describes a growing divide between those workers in secure work and the 40 per cent of workers who have little or no job security.

Affecting all aspects of worker’s lives, insecure employment makes it difficult to plan ahead, get a mortgage or negotiate fair pay and conditions.

Many people juggle multiple jobs but don’t know from week to week what hours they’ll work.

Unions are determined to campaign nationally for improved regulation of the labour market in order to provide all workers with a universal set of protections and entitlements.

Of particular concern is the lack of protection for casual workers, and workers employed indirectly through labour hire and agencies which use sham contracting to reduce pay and conditions of employees.

The inquiry sets out a clear road map of measures to address the problem of insecure work, including government regulation, reform of the welfare system and improving the bargaining system so workers can pursue their rights.

Read the full report: Lives on Hold – Unlocking the potential of Australia’s workforce