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Union voices concern over new swipe cards

Aug 29, 2011Update

The union has received two briefings on the new “Time Capture to Pay” system which will use a swipe card in conjunction with a biometric finger scanning system to identify an employee and link the data directly to payroll. This system will eventually affect all RTBU members when it is implemented in 2012.

The union has several concerns about this device, including the security of fingerprint recognition and the “automated award interpretation”, which will need be able to correctly recognise and take into account members’ various award structures across ETR, InterCity and CountryLink drivers.

The new system will mean the loss of 50 positions from the time-keeping area and will remove the ability of members to communicate directly to the person who compiles their wages.

Members with questions about the project and comments on the potential impact on working arrangements should contact the union so their concerns can be passed on to RailCorp.

For more information download here: Time Capture to Pay