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Mud still flying over state of Sydney to Melbourne line

Aug 4, 2011Update

The RTBU will support any member who reduces the speed of their train on the Sydney to Melbourne line due to safety concerns following a recent near miss on the line.

V/Line have recently imposed a 60km/h limit on a section of track where an incident occurred that saw a passenger train narrowly miss a maintenance crew working on the line.

Despite this, the Australian Rail Track Corporation maintain that the track is safe and no speed limit is required.

The incident comes after the RTBU wrote to Federal Infrastructure Minister Anthony Albanese calling on him to conduct an inquiry into the state of the track.

The union has long been concerned about the condition of the track, which is riddled with mud holes following cost-cutting resleepering methods.

Read the ABC’s report on the issue here.

See these videos taken by The Border Mail newspaper, and read their report here.